Relevant Links

Sacred Heart Guardians and Shelter- Laura Elm, President, Executive Director & Founder

Sacred Heart Guardians and Shelter is a charitable organization whose mission is to provide corporal and spiritual care for the youngest and smallest members of our human family. Sacred Heart Guardians and Shelter provides a dignified Christian burial for embryos who die in IVF laboratories.

En Route Books and Media is a Catholic Publishing House, started in 2014 by Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, O.P.. En Route Books and Media is dedicated to producing a variety of high-quality, Magisterum-faithful Catholic Books.

WCAT Radio is the En Air Wing of En Route Books and Media, producing Catholic Radio Programs design to educate, entertain, and evangelize.

Inter Vitam et Mortem: Between Life & Death: Interviews and Discussion with a Catholic Bioethicist is a production of WCAT Radio, hosted by Dr. Mary Anne Urlakis,