Bioethics, IVF, Assisted Reproduction, Sanctity of Life

The Dignitas Personae Institute is Co-sponsoring an ITEST Webinar!

The Dignitas Personae Institute is pleased to Co-Sponsor an ITEST webinar entitled “In Vitro Fertilization and the Sanctity of Human Life.”

ITEST- The Institute for the Theological Encounter with Science and Technology is an association of theologians, scientists, and others committed to a Catholic worldview in which faith and science collaborate in exploring the truth. In so doing, ITEST fosters and disseminates the Catholic position that science and faith in God are complementary paths to human fulfillment.

The two presenters for the November 19, 2022, webinar will be Craig Turczynski, Ph.D., Reproductive Physiologist and the Director of Strategy and Scientific Affairs for the Billings Ovulation Method Association U.S.A. and, Mary Anne Urlakis, Ph.D., Catholic Bioethicist, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Dignitas Personae Institute. The webinar and Q & A component will be moderated by Ms. Laura Elm, the Founder and Director of Sacred Heart Guardians and Shelter, an organization whose mission is to provide burial for human embryos whose lives start and end in IVF laboratories.

More information, including the presenters’ abstracts and registration link can be found at:

The Institute for the Theological Encounter with Science and Technology (ITEST) has generously offered to waive the registration fee for the first 20 individuals who register through the Dignitas Personae Institute.